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Enjoy these scenes from Erwin First United Methodist Church.

Marching in the Westcott Street Cultural Fair Parade

Westcott Street Cultural Fair - Erwin   Westcott Street Cultural Fair - Erwin First   Westcott Street Cultural Fair - Erwin  Westcott Street Cultural Fair - Erwin Drummer

Celebrating Advent

Christmas tree at Erwin First   Hanging the wreath at Erwin First   Erwin Sacred Movement Dancers at Erwin   Lighting the Advent candle at Erwin First

We love to sing!
Choir at Erwin First      Cymbals - Erwin First   Erwin First Church   Hope for Africa at Erwin First

We love to eat!

Ice cream at Erwin First   Eating at Erwin First   Pie Baking at Erwin First   Baking at Erwin First

We love to care for our beautiful building!

Cleaning candlesticks at Erwin First   Li'l window washer at Erwin First   Dusting at Erwin First   Cleaning at Erwin First

The many faces of Erwin First.

Smiling face at Erwin First  Family at Erwin First  Friends at Erwin First  Pastor Lauren Erwin First   Baking at Erwin First  Abby and Naomi    Niece and Uncle at Erwin First Choir at Erwin First    Balloons at Erwin First   Pie-Baking at Erwin First United Methodist Church     Vacation Bible School at Erwin FirstPalm Sunday at Erwin FirstMothers Day at Erwin First   Chris and Helen at Erwin First   Abuelo at Erwin First   Pastor Lauren Swanson  Dancing kids at Erwin First  Greeters at Erwin First  Baking at Erwin First   Funny hat at Erwin First   Ray at Erwin First  Little drummer girl at Erwin First  Hello there!   Westcott Parade - Erwin First  Karen rocks out    Happy Happy Joy Joy        Pastor Lauren at Erwin First   Apple picking with Erwin First       Father and Daughter at Erwin First  Erwin First worshippers  Advent liturgist at Erwin First

Many thanks to Erwin First member Joe Stoll for his wonderful photographs!

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